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A guide to Kitsilano Tourist Attractions and sightseeing. Listings include fairs, markets, exhibitions, art galleries, historic landmarks and so much more.

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Kitsilano Tourist Attractions - (3 Listings)

Vancouver Museum

Located in Kitsilano, the museum offers the best in BC.
1100 Chestnut, Vancouver, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 736-4431

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

The Space Centre showcases state-of-the art technology with presentations all about space. Explore interactive exhibits and simulations; learn about space & astronomy.
1100 Chestnut, Vancouver, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 738-7827

Vancouver Maritime Museum and St. Roch

Located in Kitsilano this museum has fun for everyone!
1905 Ogden, Vancouver, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 257-8300

Kitsilano Tourist Attractions


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