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A guide to restaurants in West End and Downtown Vancouver our online guide includes a variety of establishments including West End and Downtown Vancouver Japanese Cuisine and so much more. Middle Eastern, British, Cantonese, Chinese, East Indian, Greek, Italian, fine dining

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West End and Downtown Vancouver Japanese Cuisine - (12 Listings)

Sakae Japanese Restaurant

745 Thurlow, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 669-0067

Kichi Sushi Japanese Restaurant

778 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 689-3898

Koya Japan

9H-777 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 684-5692

Miko Sushi Japanese Restaurant

1335 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 681-0339

Kibunesushi At Harbour Centre

9M-555 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 669-7791

Naniwa-Ya Japanese Seafood

745 Thurlow, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 681-7303

Kyocha Ya Japanese Restaurant

1536 Robson, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 682-1570

Hiro Japan

2-200 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 688-6282

Koji Japanese

630 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 685-7355

Nippon Ichi Restaurant

1177 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 683-2898

Hanada House Japanese

823 Denman St, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 685-1136

Kamkura Harbour Centre

555 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC
 P: (604) 688-2825

West End and Downtown Vancouver Japanese Cuisine

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