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A guide to Bowen Island and West Vancouver Restaurants enjoy a variety of establishments from casual to gourmet, including family diners, bistro cafes, fine dining, ethnic, italian, thai, cantonese

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Bowen Island and West Vancouver Restaurants - (4 Listings)

Bowen Island Pub

The neighborhood pub on Bowen Island.
479 Bowen Trunk Rd., Bowen Island, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 947-2782

Salmon House On The Hill

For over 25 years, this Pacific Northwest dining room has been internationally renowned for its sensational ocean view, award-winning wine cellar and cuisine.
2229 Folkstone Way, West Vancouver, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 926-3212

Doc Morgan's Inn

The Inn's restaurant is cozy, informal and family friendly. The menu varies with the season and is always sure to delight the palate.
Box 250, Bowen Island, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 947-0707

Furry Creek Golf and Country Club

Experience the Spectacular!
150 Country Club Road, Furry Creek, BC
Email: [email protected]
 P: (604) 896-2224
 T: (888) 922-9462

Bowen Island and West Vancouver Restaurants

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